Geraldton Historical Society

The Geraldton Historical Society’s involvement with local history dates back to 1950 with the formation of what was then called the Victoria District Historical Society.
Mrs Molly Lukis from the Battye Library advised the society in 1955 to make efforts to obtain an old building for use as a museum.
Members viewed old buildings but their efforts were not successful and interest in the society’s activities faded.
The society was revived in 1963 by the enthusiasm of people such as Dorothy Cramer, Poppy Anderson, Eric Sewell and Ayres, Stan and Joy Gratte and Shirley and Colin Lutze.

The Society has occupied the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage since 1971 and it is their archival centre with an extensive collection of historic photographs,
members lending library, research and reference material,
and among the displays are heritage lifestyle objects, costumes, lace and china.


Monthly General Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Birwood House (Geraldton City RSL) at 2pm and visitors are most welcome.
Visits to local historic locations or buildings for the meetings are also arranged.

Opening Times

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 10am - 3.30pm.

Membership of Geraldton Historical Society

New Members are welcome and interested
people can obtain a Membership Application Form from the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage or the Secretary.

Membership fees:

$20.00 adults $30.00 per couple.

Headquarters of the Geraldton - Greenough Historical Society (inc)

Phone No (08) 99231837 or Secretary (08) 99213790

355 Chapman Road
Bluff Point WA 6530