The Reverend Charles Grenfell Nicolay may not be a famous name.
However, he was the first Anglican chaplain of Geraldton, who arrived in the area, from Brazil, in 1870.
The Reverend Nicolay came to Geraldton with a burning aspiration to establish a coffee growing industry in the region.

He believed the climate and soil was very similar to the part of Brazil where he had just spent several years.
He persuaded Governor Weld to establish a large reserve on the western side of the Moresby ranges, as an experimental coffee plantation.

The experiment was, however, declared a failure in December 1873, and the strong winds were given as the primary reason for the unsuccessful attempt to establish this somewhat exotic industry in the region.
The reserve was on the Chapman valley road and became known as ‘the Coffee Pot’.
Coffee growing in the Mid West? Tried, but destined to fail.

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