Geraldton Historical Society

The Geraldton Historical Society has occupied the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage since 1971 and it is their archival centre with an extensive collection of historic photographs, members lending library, research and reference material, and among the displays are heritage lifestyle objects, costumes, lace and china.

The Lighthouse Keepers Cottage, Geraldton’s first Lighthouse built by Mr. William Trigg of local limestone, is still structurally the same as when constructed in 1876. Sarking timber of the shingle roof can be seen and has been covered with iron to preserve it. The original building consisted of two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, light tower and oil room.

The first Lighthouse Keeper was John Kelly, a Crimean War Veteran still in the army. With other soldiers, he had been sent to W.A. to guard the convicts who were shipped here to provide labor for early settlers and public works.

The two Bluff Point lights remained in use until the early 1950’s. Vandals tried to burn the woodwork of the beach tower and it became structurally unsound and had to be demolished.

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